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Before we explain what we did for Plumbers 911, and how we could help your business, here’s a quick overview of who they are:

  • Plumbers 911 is a network of highly-trained plumbers in the South Florida area
  • They are available for 24/7 for residential and commercial repairs
  • Their team of licensed and insured contractors have over 10,000 of training and education
  • They service 3 counties in South FL

Here’s what they wanted:

They wanted new customers who are residents and business owners of Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties who need immediate plumbing repairs. To put it simply, our goal was to get their phone to ring much more than before.

Here’s Our Process For
Generating 336 Calls in 30 Days
Step 1 –  Client Objectives & Campaign Set-up 

Here’s what actions our client

wanted their prospect to take:

• In-Person Meeting 

• Register for a fee webinar 

• Collect name, email & Phone # 

• Book Paid Appointment 

• Book Free Appointment 

• Purchase Online 

• Email 

• Inbound Phone Call

For this client, the primary goal they wanted was to generate calls and for potential customers to download a discount coupon.

We made this our priority.

Step 2 – Client Avatar

To create successful ads...

We must find out who is Plumbers 911’s perfect customer and then find out as much as possible about them. This is how we can write directly to them through our ads and videos.

When we have a deeper understanding of the clients we want to attract, we then know how to structure sentences, which words to use and how to truly understand the pain they feel so our clients can help them solve the problem they have.
Client Avatar

Don’t have a thorough

understanding of your clients?

Let us help

Call 305-699-3989

Step 3 – Multiple Tier Approach

As our main goal was to generate more phone calls for the client, the first thing we did was use Pay Per Click Advertising on Google Adwords. We also worked on getting Plumbers 911 organically ranked in the #1 position on Google Local.

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Our second goal was to get potential clients to download the discount coupon. For this, we create videos and blog posts which directed people to the discount coupon page where we also collected their names and emails.

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Step 4 – Implementation

Here’s how we implemented it all

  • • We created an easy to navigate website with all the locations of cities our client wanted to target. 
  • • We added remarketing scripts and Google Analytics to get detailed tracking on visitors.
  • • We set up a blog with high-quality and valuable information for people who may be experiencing plumbing problems.
  • • We set up an appointment page, discount coupon page and a testimonial page.
  • • We purchased a call tracking software so we could track calls made from various platforms.
  • • We then made our SEO campaign and PPC campaigns active and started using social media marketing.

SEO – Video Creation

The high-quality videos we created had two main goals:
1. Get Plumbers 911 more exposure on Google
2. Get Plumbers 911 more exposure on social media 
We used advanced tracking methods for the videos so we could track a number of calls that came from each video.
We usually generate 3-5 calls per month, per video, and we have over 20 videos for this client alone.

SEO – Local Business Listings

We set up Google Plus Local and built links for our local listings. This combined with video marketing and SEO allowed us to become #1 in the Google Snack Pack (Top Three Local Businesses for a search particular search term).
Plus, we ranked #1 organically for our top search terms: Miami Plumber, Miami Plumbers and Miami Plumbing.
These terms had the most searches each month, and being able to rank #1 means more website visits.
Local Business Listing
Results Summary

Here are the amazing results Plumbers 911 received by working with us:

  •  7,512 website visits (32.46% increase), with 6,804 users and 9.387 page views the site had an increase of  1,814 visits compared to the previous month.
  •  1,372 keyword phrases hit the top 10 results and 202 keywords phrases hit the #1 Position!
  •  Position #1 in the Local Snack Pack (Top Three Local Businesses for a specified search term) for the primary  keywords.
  •  336 Calls in 1 Month with 4 YouTube Calls.
  •  136 Clicks, 1,583 tweets (107 more) and 884 Facebook posts to date.
  •  238 website visits from Social Media.

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Our Client's Feedback…

This client has been working with us for over three years… 

and there’s a reason for that:

  •  We get them great results time and time again.
  •  We provide them with a summary report each month
     (Which has detailed reports on everything we do for  them)
  •  Our work is extremely high-quality that gets results. Simple as that.
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