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Here’s how we generated 32 leads in 18 Days
for A Miami Marketing Consultant!

Before we explain what we did for Larry Jacob, and how we could help your business,  here’s a brief background on this client:

Jorge Diaz is a certified InfusionSoft Consultant who has 9-years of online marketing experience. Jorge blogs on a consistent basis and hosts a popular podcast for Infusionsoft users. The majority of Jorge’s clients has come from referrals and his new podcast program. He has never used paid 
advertising… until now!

Here's what our client wanted to achieve:

Jorge wanted to inform new prospects about his extensive background on InfusionSoft, so people would set up a discovery call in the near future. This call would be to discuss which problems they face with InfusionSoft and how Jorge can help them get unstuck.

Here’s Our Process For
Generating 32 leads in 18 Days
for A Miami Marketing Consultant!
Step 1 –  We find out what exactly the client wants and set up the campaigns
#1 Action

The #1 action that our client, Jorge, wanted prospects to take was to set up 

a Discovery Call. 

#2 Action

The #2 action was for clients to download 

his eBook. 

Step 2 – Client Avatar

We did extensive research... 

We did extensive research to figure out who the perfect customer for Jorge’s business was and to understand everything about this type of person. This allows us to speak directly to the market, so they know that we truly understand the problems they are facing. It also allows us to effectively communicate with them through our ads and emails, which increase conversion rates.  
Client Avatar
Step 3 – Multiple Tier Approach

Before creating the Ad Campaigns, we didn’t know which approach would produce the fastest and best results. So, we recommended testing different types of page types so we could review the results and then optimize.

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Step 4 – Testing Period

We spent the first week testing different components of our ads. We tested the interests we were targeting, the copy (Ad Text), images, age range, sex and platform (Mobile or desktop).

Our efficient method of testing these campaigns allowed us to have an optimized and highly effective ad campaign after the testing period which enabled us to scale-up andthe ad and then have a much higher ROI in the near future.

Schedule Discovery Call Campaign:

              Click to Enlarge

A. Free Discovery Call Campaign

These are the ads we used to promote the free discovery call on Facebook.

B. The Landing Page for the Free Discovery Call

Is the page viewers went to set-up their discovery call with Jorge. After the initial testing period, we added a video testimonial which resulted in a 27% increased conversion rate!

C. The Opt-In Form

This is how we collected the contact details from people. We asked for their name, email and phone number.

D. The Thank You Page

Once people had entered their contact details to set up their discovery call, people were re-directed to a page with an explainer video by Jorge. This added a personal touch and increased the trust between the viewer and Jorge.

Download eBook Campaign:
              Click to Enlarge

A. Download eBook Email Marketing Campaign 

These are the emails we used to promote the eBook on our email marketing campaign.

B. The eBook Landing Page

Once people had clicked on the email, people were taken to this landing page where they could download their eBook.

C. The Opt-in Form

This is the form we asked people to fill out to receive their eBook. We requested their name, email and phone number.

D. The Thank You Page

Once people had opted in, this is where they download the eBook. As Jorge’s ultimate goal was to get people to set up a discovery call, we included a link for people to set-up a discovery call on this page.

Results from Our Campaign
  •  We provided Jorge with an excel sheet every Monday which clearly showed him the amazing results we were getting for his business.
  •  He received a total for 32 leads in just 18 days for an investment of $614.03.
  •  On day 17 and 18, we managed to get Jorge a cost per lead of under $10

Schedule Discovery Call Campaign 

Download eBook Campaign

Our Client's Feedback

Here’s how the client felt about the results we achieved for him:

Jorge was euphoric that we could produce 32 leads in 18 days.

“As a business person, this is exactly what I want to see  with respect to where my money is being spent,  and the results obtained day-to-day & week-to-week!”
If you would like to discuss... 
How can generate amazing results for your consulting business, click the link below and set up a discovery call!

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