Story Selling Video Broadcast System

Video is no longer the future. It is the NOW!


More and more companies are realizing the importance of using video to demonstrate their product; describe their service and SELL their business to clients.

There are 1000’s and maybe even tens of thousands of companies that produce and edit videos for companies. If you look at most business

You Tube Channels, the video views are in the 10’s and maybe 100’s. Good money is spent creating the videos but there are few to no “eye-balls” appreciating the work being done.


We are here to change all that with our STORYselling System.

In a nutshell, we are ANTI “corporate video” as these don’t make you or your company stand out. Our goal is to script out, then story board, then produce & edit a 1.5 – 2.5 minute video that walks your IDEAL client through different scenes with and without your product or service in their lives. If we can make the person watching the video smile or stop and say to themselves “Wait…what did they just say?” then we’ve got them hooked. And that means more visibility and ul-timately leads and / or sales for your business!

STORYselling VIDEO #1



                                  Todd Brow – CEO: Marketing Funnel Automation


What Makes Doing Video With Us, Different From Any Other Video Production Company in the Country?

Most corporate videos are like everything else you see out there. Boring. Plain. Common place videos that lack engagement. No marketing was done to “push” the initial views and exposure to the target audience. What we offer with our system = STORYselling Video Broadcast, is the ability to create a unique, differentiated video based on the client’s marketing and sales goals. This video tells a story that is engaging, humoristic and hopefully, with some smart MARKETING tactics, will allow it to go viral.

Apart from producing and editing a 100% captivating video that the target audience will want to LIKE, Comment & Share, we also provide marketing POWER using You Tube and Facebook ads to “help” push the video to the right audience.

Bottom Line…
Our goal is to create a “VIRAL VIDEO.” I say this term with some hesitation Viral videos are VERY difficult to create as the entire premise is for the video to spread organically.

However, in the work that we do for clients, we spend money on YouTube & Facebook Ads to get upfront exposure. Ultimately, we want organic sharing but there is a great deal of “paid advertising work” in the beginning. The production of the video as well as the campaign set up on YouTube & Facebook are very important parts of this system but that is not all we do: development of marketing funnels and the sales copy writing on these pages; public relations campaign to launch the video to get exposure on news and related blogger websites; tracking of all media and what has produced best metrics based on your KPI’s.

STORYselling VIDEO #2



                                                   Roberto Guerra – CEO La Caja China