About us

Who We Are

30 Leads 30 Days is a digital marketing agency with 3 x distinct divisions with ONE foundation = Video.

We believe there is absolutely no better way to communicate your company’s product or service AND get tangible results = Leads & Sales.

Each division has a video component and we’ve
developed unique systems to take advantage of
the videos you already have OR that we develop for you.


Our Services

A-2-Z Digital Business System

A-2-Z Digital Business System

Looking To Start A New Business OR Launch A Brand New Product Or Service? Let Us Do Everything From A to Z Including Getting You Leads & Sales!

What Makes Us Different From Other Digital Marketing Agencies

There are certain foundational concepts in marketing that we are sticklers for following. Truly understanding your target audience sounds easy but many clients that we talk to have a hard time clearly defining their ideal avatar’s wants, needs, fears and pains (among just a few emotions & desires).

In other words, before we create a video, set up a Facebook campaign or any other marketing initiative, we develop a strategy document that will be used for all digital marketing and will serve you, our client, for many years to come.

Apart from the STRONG focus on video production and video marketing, the strategy work we perform is the other key differentiator.